3D Printing In Fashion

3D Printing In Fashion

By Toluwalase Akinrinade:

The Met Gala is an annual charity ball for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York, U.S.A.. It is viewed worldwide as one of the most extravagant events reserved for only the most famous in the American entertainment industry. Every year on the first Monday of May, celebrities arrive at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to showcase a vast array of custom made outfits reaching 6-figure prices. The Costume Institution exhibition has a new theme annually, this theme sets the tone for the Met Gala since guests are expected to choose their fashion to match the theme of the exhibit.

            This year was no different from the previous years in that the guests’ outfits were outstanding but what set it apart from other years in my eyes was the presence of 3-D printed dresses. Zac Posen, a reputable fashion designer, dressed nine different people at the 2019 Met Gala; five of which wore 3-D printed outfits or accessories. He worked in partnerships with Protolabs and GE additive, who both work with additive manufacturing.

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