After School Hour Training

As part of our bid to contribute to STEAM education in Nigeria. Innov8xion has come up with another opportunity for students of Primary and Secondary schools to gainfully utilize theirs after school hours. Students will be exposed to different technological-based courses with a good practical learning experience that will be useful for their future careers.

Why is this program targeted at children in the Primary and Secondary classes? This is to initiate them early enough into the beautiful world of technology thereby preparing them well ahead for the future bearing in mind that the Mind of a Child is a Blank Book. A lot will be written on the pages. The Quality of the writings determines the greatness of the Child’s future. 


At the end of this course, the trainee will possess the knowledge and skill required in motion graphic production which are applicable in-game development and advertisement.

Graphics Design

This course will help students how to use major tools on Photoshop and Canva applications

2D Arts and Craft

Our 2D Arts & Craft programme is designed around core competence of creative thinking proportionality and distinct use of colours with take home activities in places. Students are encouraged to explore the word of visual aesthetics. 

3D Modelling & Printing

This course will expose students to digital manufacturing processes (From ideation to commercialization) which will boost their innovation skills.

Web Design

Students will be taught modern style of web design and coding; they will be trained how to optimize the web page that will be highly ranked on google, Bing, and other Search Engine.


Game Coding

This course offers students sound practical knowledge of making and creating interactive Games in the form of stories and animations.

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