Pre-tertiary Training Courses

Digital Technology is evolving and taking over Analogue settings. In today’s world of exponential change, organizations that get too comfortable with the status quo are at major risk of disruption. Therefore, having digital skills is fast becoming indispensable with Digital Manufacturing, Mechatronics, and Programming leading the way.
In a bid to contribute to the digital transformation of the Country, innov8xions has come up with the Pre-Tertiary training for Secondary school graduates awaiting admission into the Tertiary institution. This will enable them to be well equipped technologically before their admission into the University giving them a sharp edge over their fellow students. This will also prepare them well ahead for the competitive job market. Tertiary institution students are also welcome.



 Mechatronics  is a metholodogy used for the optimal design of electro – mechanical products 

The Mechatronics Design methodology is based on a concurrent (instead of sequential) approach to discipline, resulting in products with more synergy : A Mechatronics system is not an electromechanical system but is more than a control system  

Digital Manufacturing


The course will explore digital manufacturing technologies which include the Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacture. At the end of the 6 weeks course, Students will also be illuminated on how they can patent their innov8tive Ideas and other ways of bringing their ideas to Life.


App Development

In this course, students will be tutored on the practical use of functional programming languages used for Web App Development and Android applications.

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